Marina Lošinj - A Flagship Marina with Spectacular views on the Mali Lošinj bay and the old town centre.

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11. june 2015. - 6. Liburnijska regata

As part of the sailing event " Fiumanka" 2015. from Mali Lošinj in the 18 hours will start Liburnijska race where is Marina Lošinj one of the sponsors. ...more

10. june 2015. - New working time cranes in Marina

New working time is 08.00 - 13.00 and 18.00 - 20.00 ...more

Book your berth

Book your berthPay a visit to Mali Lošinj, a town with a century of maritime tradition. Experience the unique unspoiled nature with numerous seaside promenades and bays. Feel the Mediterranean by choosing authentic local delicacies overlooking the Mali Lošinj harbor.

Restaurant offerings

Restaurant offeringsIt is up to you... Choose a selection to suit your taste: Mediterranean ambiance and an extensive menu of authentic cuisine, a variety of fresh fish specialties or superb gastronomic experience with unique view to the Mali Lošinj bay from the Captains' Club restaurant.